10 Fascinating Fictional Cities in Film

It’s been two years since Wes Anderson’s last film, and we’ve been having serious whimsy withdrawal. The director’s latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel, invites audiences to a fictional spa town, the Republic of Zubrowka. In typical Anderson fashion, the filmmaker has decked out the European hotel, leaving no detail unturned:

Even the smallest concrete yet imaginary element of Grand Budapest‘s main setting… was fanatically created by Anderson and company, down to its newspaper of record, the Trans-Alpine Yodel, and its pastry of choice, the mouthwatering Courtesan au chocolat, always packaged in the unmistakable pink boxes from Mendl’s Patisserie.

Anderon’s immersive environs remind us of other fictional film locales that transport us to fascinating worlds of wonder and mystery. Here are ten cities, big and small, that stem from the wild imaginations of their creators.


The Stepford Wives

Stepford, Connecticut: where the women are impossibly perfect, docile, and spend their days fawning over their husbands with frightening devotion. The mindless cult of servility in Bryan Forbes’ remake of Ira Levin’s 1972 novel is a satirical play on the arrogant excesses of the powerful, rich, white populace found in upper class communities across America.