25 Great Movies That Get ‘Game of Thrones’ Actors Out of the Furs and Tunics

It may be almost over according to the calendar, but winter is coming again with Game of Thrones‘ Sunday-night return to HBO. To whet your appetite for Season 4 of George R. R. Martin’s epic about power, cold weather, flowing hair, dragons, and “sexposition,” we rounded up 25 of the best and weirdest movies featuring the Game of Thrones cast in slightly more modern-day situations.

One thing learned while putting this list together: GoT was the big break for much of the younger cast members, who don’t have much of a feature resume besides this show and roles in classic TV shows like the UK-original Skins. So the results lean towards the hard-working character actors who populate the show — it’s gotten to be a sort of Law and Order for the jobbing Euro actor — plus a bonus classic from the pen of one of the creators, David Benioff. Here’s a collection of 25 films with the finest actors from GoT that you can watch tonight; or in the case of two upcoming releases, very, very soon.

25th Hour

The 25th Hour

Spike Lee’s 2002 adaptation of Game of Thrones co-creator David Benioff’s debut novel is often cited as one of the best films of the 2000s and one of the best movies about New York ever, and credit must be given to Benioff’s story and his screenplay.