10 Art House Films About Religion

Darren Aronofsky’s “bold, weird, magnificent mess” of a biblical epic Noah sailed into theaters this weekend. Our own Jason Bailey described the film as striking as it is “odd and schizophrenic.” Noah seems compelling enough, though it certainly won’t suit everyone’s palate in terms of religion-inspired stories. If you’re searching for something without the bombast, we’ve collected ten art house films that take an alternative approach in telling age-old religious tales.


Black Narcissus

A pinnacle of controversy and visual mastery in the collaborative relationship between writer Emeric Pressburger and director Michael Powell, Black Narcissus focuses on the mounting tension, eroticism, and isolation between five nuns at a school and hospital in the Himalayas. The pioneering Technicolor film features extraordinary performances and stunning camerawork (from legendary cinematographer Jack Cardiff).