The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in April

I’m calling it now: April will be the biggest month of 2014 for indie rock releases. The competition was stiff, and my ears are tired. No time to waste on an intro, let’s get into this.


Mac DeMarco — Salad Days (April 1)

Mac DeMarco is a dude in the utmost sense of the word, whose music does not sound like what you think it would sound like if you met him (which would probably happen in a scummy Brooklyn bar). That’s to say, his music is beautiful. I’ve decided to call it Bushwick Schmaltz. Salad Days, his third LP, is a near-flawless collection of easily digestible, guitar-driven jangle-pop about his girlfriend, friends, family, and life. It sounds terribly rudimentary, but there’s this way DeMarco has of turning the basics on their head with one small, discordant tweak.