Beyoncé’s New “Grown Woman” Video: Links You Need to See

Here’s a snapshot of what you have to look forward to: Beyoncé just can’t stop with the music videos, Louis CK thinks God may be a murderer, and How I Met Your Mother finally gives up the ghost tonight.

Beyonce's New Video for Grown Woman

Beyoncé didn’t get her music video-making out of her system, so she re-edited her clip for “Grown Woman.” [Refinery29]


On the eve of its finale, it’s time to compare late How I Met Your Mother to early How I Met Your Mother. [A.V. Club]

Blondie on Soundcheck

WNYC’s Soundcheck gave a pretty great look back at NYC’s music scene in the 1970s. [WNYC Soundcheck]

Louis C.K.'s God Monologue on SNL

God-fearing members of SNL‘s home viewing audience were displeased with Louis CK’s monologue, which pegged God as a wife-murderer. [UPROXX]