The Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Conspiracy Theories

It’s no True Detective, but HBO’s other prestige genre show has enough insane twists and byzantine plots to fuel many an Internet K-hole. Add to that the thousands of pages’ worth of books with quintuple the red herrings, and there’s fodder for as many insane fan theories as there are fans. We’ve compiled the best Game of Thrones conspiracy theories, honed over years of frantic hype. Since there’s more material to work with, A Song of Ice and Fire theories count too, though we’ve only included the books that the series has already covered (halfway through A Storm of Swords, as if you nerds didn’t know that already).

Jon Snow

Eddard Stark Isn’t Really Jon’s Father

One of the better-supported theories out there, first and foremost for character reasons. Ned’s so honor-bound he decided to tell Cersei he was planning on outing her incestuous love affair, thereby guaranteeing his head would end up on a spike. His son inherited the same brand of well-intentioned stupidity, marrying a field medic instead of having a passionate flame like a normal person. Does Eddard really seem like the cheating type? As for Jon’s true parentage, book evidence points to Lyanna Stark, who made her older brother promise something as she lay dying towards the end of Robert’s Rebellion. Could it be she died in childbirth…with Rhaegar Targaryen’s baby? It conveniently explains both her passing and Rhaegar’s unfortunate decision to start a war. And makes Jon nephew to a certain Mother of Dragons.