20 of the Weirdest TV Merch Items You Can Buy

Television fan culture has blossomed into something huge and wonderful. There are so many TV shows that have a rabid and obsessive group of eager fans who love to buy merchandise related to their favorite shows and characters. I should know — my apartment is overflowing with memorabilia from The SimpsonsBeavis & Butt-HeadCommunity, etc. — but sometimes networks go beyond simple T-shirts and magnets and start selling everything from costumes to sofas to swords. Here are 20 examples of the weirdest television merchandise that you can buy.

walking deadThe Walking Dead Replica Katana Sword — $249.99

Have $250 to spare? Why not buy a replica of a sword that a fictional character uses to kill zombies! It’s “assembled with traditional Japanese sword making techniques” and comes with a custom sword stand and a certificate of authenticity, lest anyone claim you got a fake replica of a zombie sword.