‘Mad Men’ Style: What Are People Wearing in 1969?

Mad Men is a veritable smorgasbord of eye candy. From the swoon-worthy set design to the striking cinematography, Matthew Weiner’s stylish series deconstructs the 1960s with a visual grammar that rivals many movies. Perhaps one of the most obsessed about aspects of Mad Men is the fashion. The series heralded a revival of 1960’s style and even inspired several clothing lines from big brands and indie clothiers.

During the dawn of each new season, we are greeted with posters and promo stills that contain our first clues regarding the journey of Mad Men’s characters, hinting at the culture of the times and the personal evolution each figure makes. Think of Peggy’s (Elisabeth Moss) empowered shift from prim schoolgirl to sophisticated woman and, yes, even provocative seductress. It’s all in the clothes.

We’re speculating what fashions the seventh season will greet us with before the premier this Sunday, anticipating that the show will take place in 1969.


Stan Rizzo’s Midnight Cowboy-style jacket mimics the one Jon Voight’s character, a naive male prostitute who struggles to make it in New York City, wears. While it could be a reference to Rizzo’s place on the fringes of Sterling Cooper & Partners, despite his desire to head to Cali and build a west coast presence for the company, fringe fashions were indeed popular at the time.