13 Great New-to-Netflix Movies to Stream This Holiday Weekend

Well, friends, spring is in the air (occasional lingering thundersnow aside), and Easter weekend is upon us, which could mean several things for you: participation in some sort of egg hunt, consumption of massive quantities of chocolate and sugar, a biannual visit to some sort of house of worship. Or it might just mean hanging out on the couch/in bed all weekend like it’s any other weekend. Your Flavorwire can’t help much with the first batch of items, but if you’re vegging out this holiday weekend, we’ve got a handful of noteworthy titles that have arrived (either for the first time, or for a return stint) over the past couple of weeks over at Netflix. Click through, fill your queue, and clear a day or two.

Short Term 12

Flavorwire favorite Brie Larson is just plain marvelous, transforming from an unknowable puzzle to a character of astonishing openness and vulnerability, in this indie drama from director Destin Cretton. The setting is a foster care facility for teens, a wellspring of high drama and emotional intensity; it’s the kind of place where anyone can lose their grip at any time (including the staff). Cretton’s direction is personal and close (he worked at a similar facility himself), sometimes uncomfortably so, and he coaxes rich, nuanced performances out of his excellent cast.