12 Riveting 2014 Cannes Film Festival Titles to Watch

The most exciting time of the year for cinephiles has arrived. The 2014 Cannes Film Festival slate was announced earlier this week. This year’s lineup will surely be a feast for the eyes with auteurs new and old returning to the French Riviera red carpet. Opening the fest will be Olivier Dahan’s much-talked about Grace Kelly biopic, Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman as the movie star turned princess — but there are a number of titles that have merely been hinted at leading up to the announcement. We took a look at 12 of the Cannes features to watch in the coming weeks as trailers and stills continue to roll out in anticipation of the May 14 festival — all absolute must-sees when they arrive in a theater near you.

Adieu au langage (Goodbye To Language), Jean-Luc Godard

It’s been four years since the enfant terrible’s opaque feature Film socialisme, but judging by the (NSFW) previews for his new work, Goodbye To Language, a sense of clarity about Godard’s late-life output isn’t necessarily forthcoming. Godard’s 39th picture was shot in 3D — but this isn’t his first foray into the medium. The omnibus feature 3X3D, which featured works from the French auteur, Peter Greenaway, and Edgar Pêra, explored the evolution of 3D throughout cinema and its effects on the viewer’s sense of perception. Here is the enigmatic synopsis for Goodbye to Language (featuring a “talking” dog):

The idea is simple:
A married woman and a single man meet.
They love, they argue, fists fly.
A dog strays between town and country.
The seasons pass.
The man and woman meet again.
The dog finds itself between them.
The other is in one,
the one is in the other
and they are three.
The former husband shatters everything.
A second film begins:
the same as the first,
and yet not.
From the human race we pass to metaphor.
This ends in barking
and a baby’s cries.
In the meantime, we will have seen
people talking of the demise of the dollar,
of truth in mathematics
and of the death of a robin.