Clever Movie Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Biting the heads off chocolate bunnies and determining the flavor of questionably colored jellybeans is fun and all that, but cinephiles know the best way to celebrate Easter is by geeking out over movie easter eggs. Yes, we’re talking about those inside jokes, hidden messages, and clever visual puns that filmmakers sneak into their movies so that obsessive fans and eagle-eyed viewers can win bragging rights. We revisited 10 clever movie easter eggs that you might have missed. Feel free to add your favorites, below.




Fight Club

Product placement: these days it’s a fact of life. David Fincher’s anti-consumer opus Fight Club succumbed to the corporate giants supporting his film, but the director made sure to take a few digs at the various companies. The filmmaker claimed that he inserted a Starbucks coffee cup into every shot in the movie — and judging by just a few stills from the film, Fight Club is extremely caffeinated.