The 45 Best TV Shows You Can Only Stream on Hulu

In the ongoing Great Streaming Wars of 2014, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video are constantly battling each other, making exclusive deals with networks, creating original programs, and just overall competing to host the best content. Hulu Plus has a clear advantage in that it has the most current-run shows available, yet it still often goes overlooked when it comes to older shows. But Hulu has plenty of those too — here are 45 TV shows on Hulu (some free, some with Hulu Plus) that aren’t available on Netflix or Amazon.

3rd-rock-from-the-sun-quick-fix-hulu-image3rd Rock From the Sun

3rd Rock was a fun, goofy show about aliens posing as humans and trying to live a “normal” life in Ohio. The show was praised and showered with Emmy awards, and its fish-out-of-water humor still holds up today. Plus, it has an adorable adolescent Joseph Gordon-Levitt and just about every episode title is a bad pun.

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This list is not for anyone with a Y chromosome....

More like bottom 45 for those with a Y chromosome....


And a few fun Australian shows on Hulu, both featuring adult families:


Packed to the rafters


Two more great shows streaming on Hulu, both foreign with english subtitles, that unfortunately don't show up under the International Genres:

Verdict Revised, in swedish (Flawed but brilliant legal mentor and his young student proteges, a bit like House but in a legal setting);

Fragiles, in spanish (Flawed but caring physical therapist tries to solve problems in his patients' lives, while unable to handle his own)

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Why has Line of Duty not been included on this list? It is one of the most compelling dramatic shows streaming on Hulu Today, and it's second season blew the first out of the water.


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