The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in May

If you’re not listening to something new this May, do me a favor and ask yourself this: do you even like music? That’s how jam-packed the month is with new albums. It was difficult to pick just ten, so our “also out” section on the last page really is worth your time. Let’s start with the beginning of the month and work our way toward June.

Lykke Li — I Never Learn (May 5)

With each new album, Lykke Li invents new ways to musically mourn botched romances. On her third LP, the Swedish dark-pop witch tries to find the light like her name’s Olivia Pope. The buoyancy of these woes, of course, is in large part due to the big-ballad synth pop within which Li shines brightly. “Just Like a Dream” is like standing in the sun, wind whipping through your hair, arms out like you’re Jack and Rose. “Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone” is like the early morning sunshine that creeps through the bedroom blinds when you’d rather it still be night, where your acoustic-strummed sadness would be better suited. — Jillian Mapes