The 50 Best Side One Track Ones in Music History

There’s an art to the album opener — it doesn’t necessarily have to be the best or most commercially appealing song on the record, but it needs to grab the listener’s attention. It’ll often also serve as an introduction to the themes and/or sound of the album in question, a sort of preview of to what’s to come. And so it is that at Flavorwire central, we’ve been having one of our unabashedly nerdy music conversations about what are, in our collective opinion, the best examples of the form. Here’s a bumper list of 50 to talk about (and yes, sure, go on, tell us what we missed).

Arab Strap — “Packs of Three” (Philophobia, 1998)

As far as attention-grabbing opening lines go, “It was the biggest cock you’ve ever seen/ But you have no idea where that cock has been” is a pretty good place to start. It also provides a perfect introduction to the world of Arab Strap, a world of grimy bedsits, squalid sex, and grey, dirty morning light.