Playful 8-Bit Versions of Studio Ghibli Characters

Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli has set the standard for lyrical stories, stunning visuals, and vibrant characters who are both powerful and fragile. Co-founder Hayao Miyazaki and company have the magic touch. Since the company’s inception in 1985, Studio Ghibli has amassed a devoted following — and naturally, the fans enjoy paying homage to the studio’s beautiful work. Designer Richard J. Evans, who we first learned about on Fubiz, did just that with these 8-bit odes to various Studio Ghibli characters. Films like Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Ponyo focus on themes of childhood, so the pixel makeovers are doubly nostalgic. For the die-hards, they’re also a fun reference to Ghibli’s videogame output (Magic Pengel and Ni no Kuni). We may never get an 8-bit era of Studio Ghibli games, but these playful, pixelated artworks are the next best thing.

Image credit: Richard J.Evans

Image credit: Richard J.Evans


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