10 Must-Read Books for May

Despite the fact that the rain and cold have stubbornly refused to leave some parts of the US, it’s spring, and spring means things are in bloom. Sure, we’re talking about flowers, but we’re also talking about a bunch of debut novels, along with a few new books by some veterans. All of it is very exciting. May’s calender is so good, in fact, that we also have to fit in mentions of Young God by Katherine Faw Morris, The Fun We’ve Had by Michael J. Seidlinger, and Dan Barber’s exploration into the future of food, The Third Plate. All of those books are great enough to be on this list, but we could only fit the following ten.


Save the Date, Jen Doll (May 1)

Ah, the perpetual wedding guest. A lot of us have been this person, or maybe we’ve had a streak of wondering when all of the ceremonies featuring people we know would stop — the “always the bridesmaid (or simple attendant), never the bride” deal. Jen Doll probably has us all beat in terms of the ratio of weddings attended to smart and witty observations, and they’re collected here in Save the Date