‘Nature’s Nether Regions’ Author Menno Schilthuizen on the Greatest Sexual Perversions of the Animal World

Want to know more about a species? Check out the equipment they use and the way they reproduce to get the real story. It might sound strange, sure, but in Nature’s Nether Regions, ecologist and evolutionary biologist Menno Schilthuizen shows us how much the sex lives of other living things can teach us about the creatures that inhabit this planet, as well as how some species evolve. And since some of those creatures like to get a little more funky than others, Schilthuizen put together, for Flavorwire, the following list of the seven biggest kinks in the animal kingdom.

Via Eran Finkle / Flickr

A crane-fly with a built-in vibrator

In a Central American crane-fly called Bellardina, the male sets the scene for his love-making by providing some background music. During mating, he rubs a scraper along a kind of washboard next to his penis, which sends a repeated humming vibration through the female’s nethers for the full duration of their embrace.