Photographer Mom Takes Pictures of Her Baby Boy and His Canine Best Friend

If I were in possession of female reproductive parts and a penchant for hyperbolic cliché, I would describe my reaction to the following photos with the phrase, “MY OVARIES HAVE EXPLODED.” Luckily, none of my organs have ruptured as a result of this absolutely adorable series of photographs from Grace Chon (spotted via Honestly WTF). But, look, I’m not made of stone, either. Scrolling through Chon’s photos of her ten-month-old son Jasper and his canine best friend, a rescue dog named Zoey, I certainly uttered a few “awwws,” because these pictures are about the cutest damn things I’ve seen on the Internet in months. Click through after the jump and try to contain yourselves. 

Image credit: Grace Chon

Image credit: Grace Chon


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