15 ’90s Teen Heartthrobs Who’ve Resurfaced on TV

This Sunday, Showtime premieres Penny Dreadful, a new horror series that stars Josh Hartnett. Hartnett hasn’t completely fallen off the radar, but he’s definitely been in the spotlight less than he was when he started out in the late ’90s. Back then, Hartnett was a Heartthrob with a capital H, profiled in everything from J-14 to Bop, his picture adorning the walls of teen bedrooms and junior-high lockers across America. His return to the mainstream is exciting — but he’s not the only ’90s hottie on television right now. Here are 15 teen heartthrobs from the ’90s and the recent TV shows you can watch them on.

Josh-Hartnett-1024x768Josh Hartnett

Heartthrob Past: Josh Hartnett — or Josh Hotnett, as every teen magazine I once subscribed to called him — really broke out in the ’90s. I can never decide who I love more: The Faculty‘s cute bad boy Zeke Tyler or The Virgin Suicides’ foxy asshole Trip Fontaine.

josh hartnett penny dreadfulCurrently: Aside from the strange crime drama series Cracker in 1999, Hartnett has stayed away from TV until now, with Penny Dreadful. He plays Ethan Chandler, the muscle of the show, who helps to solve a supernatural mystery.