‘Mad Men’ Characters Star in Vintage Ads for Emmy “For Your Consideration” Campaign

The ad execs of Mad Men are stepping through the looking glass for the show’s “For Your Consideration” Emmy campaign. Released to The Hollywood Reporter, a new campaign shows the stars of the series in a set of characteristically relevant vintage advertisements in a clever and appealing bid for nominations. Joan Harris hawks hair dye, Betty Francis goes for gold, and Don Draper, “a complex and unpredictable man,” hides his true self behind a pair of sunglasses. Noticeably absent: Michael Ginsberg plugging Band-Aids… or straight-jackets?

Mad Men already has a hefty 97 Emmy nominations and 15 wins under its belt — perhaps this campaign, and the series’ two-part final season, will thrust those numbers into the triple digits. Nominations will be announced July 10, but until then, click through the gallery to see the rest of the Mad ads and their cheeky captions.

Image Credit: AMC

Image Credit: AMC


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