The 10 Best Weddings in Literature

I say this as someone who has written a book about going to weddings — Save the Date: The Occasional Mortifications of a Serial Wedding Guestout now from Riverhead — but that doesn’t mean I’m biased. It’s simply true: Weddings make for great scenes, unforgettable moments of high expectation, emotion, and drama — in fiction as well as in nonfiction. I’ve gathered a few of my favorites from books new and old (though not necessarily blue), along with my feelings on why these particular weddings make for great reading.

betsys wedding

Betsy’s Wedding by Maud Hart Lovelace

The last of the Betsy-Tacy books ends with Betsy and Tacy (and Tib) all grown up, and Betsy Ray finally reconciling with Joe Willard, the hardworking newspaperman you knew she was supposed to be with all along. There’s scandal, though, when Joe proposes without asking Betsy’s father’s permission! As for the wedding, it’s a speedy affair — “just a family wedding” — and comes complete with some bridal assumptions: “Dear little Tib! Betsy thought, when they went out. She must find the right one, too. And then she will have that big wedding. And Tacy and I can be bridesmaids… It was good to plan someone else’s wedding, for, facing her own, her heart was beginning to thump.” O.K., Bridezilla Betsy.