‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 6 Finale Recap: Last Night’s 10 Best Moments

Last night, the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race bowed out, featuring recaps, selfies, sing-alongs, and more glorious displays of fabulosity. Instead of pitting the top three queens (Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio, and Courtney Act) against each other, “Reunited” was basically just one big luuurve fest of all the queens from the season, especially with these moments.

rupaul's drag race season 6 selfie

Season 6 takes a selfie.

This was already the most tweeted, most Tumblr-ed, most talked about Drag Race season thus far, so obviously a selfie was in order (this is the Oscars of drag, after all). Taken via Milk’s long arms, RuPaul posted the selfie on Twitter, putting a thoroughly modern flip on the show’s most quotable quotes with the caption: “If U can’t love your #selfie, how in da hell U gonna love somebody else.” True that.

drag race april carrion

April Carrion displays the looks she would have worn on Drag Race.

While April was eliminated fairly early on in the game, apparently she has been tweeting out the looks she would have worn for each of the challenges, ranging from a pregnant Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala that she would have worn for “Snatch Game” to the above pitch-perfect rendition of Ru.

rupaull's drag race ornacia

Ornacia makes an appearance (times four).

In case you’ve forgotten, Ornacia is the name of that ghostly mannequin that sometimes graces Vivacious’s actual head. After Vivacious teaches everyone how to do her quintessential New York walk down the runway, a clothed Scruff Pit Crew dons their own Ornacias, complete with a mesmerizing, if vaguely creepy, dance.

rupaul's drag race darienne lake

Darienne’s parents “come out.”

During a one-on-one with Ru, Darienne shared the story of her home life struggles after her parents discovered that she was gay. Although her parents weren’t at the filming, they videochatted into the finale remotely, announcing that they were “coming out” as Darienne’s parents. It was tearjerking moment for Miss Lake — especially after she and BenDeLaCreme kissed and made up.

rupaul's drag race season 6 top three

The top three share a musical number.

Both Adore and Courtney are former American Idol contestants from the U.S. and Australia, respectively. Bianca, for what it’s worth, has never been a contestant on another reality television. “I can’t sing,” she belts in their musical number. “But I’m in the motherfucking top three.”

rupaul's drag race adore laganja friendship

Langanja Estranja and Adore Delano worked out their issues off-screen.

The top fan-asked question was about the status of Laganja and Adore’s relationship. They arrived as friends, but had a huge blowout during the season. During a screening of Untucked, the two shed some tears, but never resolved anything, which prompted a private conversation off-camera. And now? Laganja says that they’ve moved on and that their friendship is back on.

rupaul's drag race wedding

Joslyn gets married.

Yup, this reunion has a wedding! Andre, Joslyn’s fiance, asks if the two can get married right then. He says Joslyn was waiting to get on Drag Race before they got married (and they’ve been engaged for three years). By the power vested in Ru — and, you know, the fact that Ru is an ordained minister — they got hitched live in under five minutes.

bendelacreme miss congeniality

BenDeLaCreme wins Miss Congeniality.

After the controversy surrounding Ben’s elimination, this is no surprise. Central to Ben’s character is a certain level of perky, unfailing cheer, which has all the makings of Miss Congeniality.

drag race chaz bono

Courtney Act and Chaz Bono are now friends.

Besides Courtney Act’s new pink hair, her other big surprise is that she is now friends with Chaz Bono. Although the two promise that they’re not going to pull a Joslyn and Andre any time too, they have dueted to “I Got You Babe” in Australia, so they’re basically BFF. This is a pretty adorable consolation prize because…

rupaul's drag race season 6 winner bianca del rio

The winner is Bianca Del Rio!

I’ve been rooting for Bianca pretty much from the start, and I don’t think I’m alone on this. It’s not just her razor-sharp wit and brash personality that’s sold me, it’s her inner mama bear energy and soft, gooey heart that makes her a fully-endorsable bearer of the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar.