10 Great New-to-Netflix Movies to Stream This Holiday Weekend

The long Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and you know what that means: cookouts, quickie getaways, watching some sort of organized sporting events on television (I think, maybe?). But the shut-ins among us — and your film editor would include himself firmly among that camp — will probably want to simply spend one more day doing what we do every weekend: queuing up a bunch of flicks online, surrounding ourselves with non-perishable food items, and locking the doors. Here are some of the recent(ish) streaming releases worth your Memorial Day weekend time; simply click the title to stream them right now.

Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon modernizes the dress, cranks up the slapstick, and fills his cast with regulars and friends who give Shakespeare’s dialogue a distinctively screwball snap. His reimagining of the Bard’s classic is respectful but not reverential; he makes this very old play feel very fresh and new, finding laughs in the pauses and pain buried in the subtext. And he fills the edges of the frames with goofy business and throwaway gags, investing the entire affair with the feel of a party that won’t end. We’re all invited, though, which is much of the picture’s charm — it’s loose, enjoyable, and sparkling, a movie that lives for the sound of clinking wine glasses and musical patter.