8 Literary Homes You Can Buy Right Now

When thinking about our favorite authors, it’s natural to wonder about their personal lives and the places they came from. When the homes of these wordsmiths are listed on the real estate market, we can’t help but fantasize about buying them and soaking up some of that writerly mojo by spending time in the same rooms they did, penning their well-known works. Recently, we noticed a number of literary homes up for sale. It seems criminal to keep that information to ourselves, so here are the homes of eight famous writers that you can purchase right now. We’ll be waiting for those dinner invitations.

Romania Promotes Tourism To Boost Economy

Dracula’s castle is currently up for sale — at least we think it’s Dracula’s castle. The Romanian landmark is actually called Bran Castle, and it resembles the description of the fortress in Bram Stoker’s famous novel. Although the author never paid a trip to Bran, it’s believed he read about the cliffside location in a book or saw an illustration while composing the draft for his legendary bloodsucker tale. The 57-room, 22-acre manor attracts more than 560,000 tourists each year and currently functions as a museum. One very important thing to note for potential buyers: Drac’s castle doesn’t have any bathrooms.