The 10 Greatest Medical Shows on TV

If there is one thing television loves, it’s putting a group of attractive people in a hospital where they can simultaneously save lives and fall in love. Medical shows will exist for as long as TV does, but as NBC’s The Night Shift proven, it’s hard to create a medical drama that doesn’t come off as contrived and repetitive. Fortunately, there are plenty that are great. Here are ten of the best medical shows, from drama to sitcom to parody. All are well worth the watch.


ER (NBC, 1994-2009)

Most likely, ER is the first show you think of when it comes to medical dramas. For 15 seasons, ER dominated NBC — and received a record-breaking 124 total Emmy nominations — with engaging and shocking storylines. Each episode of ER, created by Michael Crichton, followed the staff’s personal and professional lives. It had an inventive and adrenaline-fueled visual style (Tarantino even directed an episode) that really brought viewers into the fast-paced world of the emergency ward.