Flavorwire’s 15 Favorite Shows of the 2013-2014 TV Season

Television is a year-round affair, but May marks the official end of the 2013-14 season. It was a great TV season, one of the most exciting that I can remember, and it brought us the debuts of instant-classic series, as well as especially strong seasons of returning favorites. There was an overwhelming amount of good television during these past 12 few months. Although it’s tough to narrow it down, here are my 15 favorite shows of the year.

ig-aj-photo-credit-Linda-Kallerus-1The Comedy Central Trifecta: 
Broad CityInside Amy Schumer, and Review

Each of these comedies deserves a million individual tributes, so lumping them together might feel a bit cheap — yet they’re the three shows that brought Comedy Central’s programming to a whole new level. There was no debut series stronger, funnier, or more brazen than Broad City, a show that celebrated all the wonderful fucked-up things about being young, broke, and high — all while creating the best friendship I’ve ever seen on TV.

Inside Amy Schumer had a great first season, but its second, which airs its finale next week, has blown minds. The sketch show is equally hilarious and feminist, tackling topics that range from rape in the military to a brilliant parody of Aaron Sorkin’s terrible approach to women characters. Amy Schumer attacks bullshit sexism without forgetting to make you laugh.

Then there’s Review, Andy Daly’s strange and dark comedy, in which he reviews, well, anything and everything. By the end of the nine-episode season, the death toll was high, the main character was utterly defeated, and a family was broken apart. Yet, somehow, “Pancakes; Divorce; Pancakes” is the single episode of TV that’s made me laugh the most this year.