10 Must-Read Books for June

After a winter that lasted far too long, June holds the promise that the blue skies, sunshine, and higher temperatures are here to stay. Not only does it bring nice weather, but the sixth month on the calendar also offers ten books to kick off your summer. Famous directors, debut novels, tales of working in the New York City publishing industry in the 1990s, and other great titles make up our list of June releases that you can read while kicking back on a hammock, sitting on the beach, or lounging in the park. Whatever you do, just try to read outside as much as possible.


The Book of Unknown Americans, Cristina Henríquez (June 3rd)

Of all the great works of immigrant fiction coming out these days, few books tell us as much about America as the ones told from the point of view of people who came here from south of our border. Cristina Henríquez’s novel about the Rivera family, who move from Mexico to Delaware, shows even the most jaded natives of the United States that this is still a country people move to because they have dreams of living a better life.