“Dita Von Teese and the Naughty Naughty Goodnights”: A Children’s Story for Adults, Told via Instagram

Artist and creative machine Donald Robertson, known on Instagram by his handle @donalddrawbertson, is a behind-the-scenes player who’s finally coming into the spotlight. Robertson is Head of Creative Development at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and was one of the three original founders of MAC Cosmetics, but what we — and plenty of New York socialites — love most about him are his quick, whimsical portraits. He can conjure gorgeous characters out of just a couple brushstrokes, and his paint doodles will likely become the most welcome part of your daily Instagram scrolling.

Over the past three days, Robertson has slowly released panels from his “children’s story for adults,” “Dita Von Teese and the Naughty Naughty Goodnights.” It’s a clever little tale of some “naughty” children from the Naughty family who won’t take off their playclothes and go to bed — until the one and only Dita Von Teese steps in to save the day. The story and its illustrations include hints of EloiseMadeline, and Amelia Bedelia. It’s all very casual: some of the text rhymes, some doesn’t, and we’ve edited for typos and spacing, but left his scattered exclamation points and capitalization because they’re cute quirks.

Hopefully, Robertson will publish the story as an actual book someday. But for now, at least you can enjoy this lovely tale via slideshow and Instagram.