10 Irresistible Books About Juicy Scandals

A scandal is a thrilling topic for a book. It is the story of people with goals, grasping for something just out of their reach — and whether they get it or not, when the story reaches the public eye, they’re judged and put under glass. Whether they’re about politicians wheeling and dealing or gory looks into the end of the affair, books about scandal, fueled by gossip, keep us entertained and hungry for more. Here are ten such books that Olivia Pope herself might keep on her bedside table.

the power broker

The Power Broker by Robert Caro

The first full-fledged biography of Robert Moses, better known as the “master builder” of New York City, The Power Broker is, like all of Caro’s work, interested in the mechanics of power. While it may not focus on any single scandalous revelation, by tracing Moses’ work in shaping New York power and New York City’s bridges and highways, the book paints a devastating portrait of Moses’ influence and how it has reverberated throughout the ages.