15 Netflix Streaming Films to Watch With Your Dad

Dads: they provide guidance, wisdom, support… and they’re also really fun to watch action movies with, if they’re anything like my dad. But it can be time-consuming to surf through Netflix and find a film that’s got just the right Dad-friendly mix of action, adventure, antiheroes, and wit — so Flavorwire is here to help. Every dad may be a unique snowflake, but we can guarantee that these 15 films will make even the snootiest among them happy.


In Bruges

Martin McDonagh’s brilliant film comes off like a warmed-over 1995 Quentin Tarantino ripoff, at first: two hitmen (hilarious Colin Farrell, working those beetle brows, and Brendan Gleeson) have to hide out in “fooking Bruges,” the medieval city that looks like “a fairy tale.” But as the movie progresses, ribald and hilarious as it is, it becomes a touching story of life and death. Perfect for the dad who wants to be blindsided.