The 25 Most Underrated Albums of the 1990s

A couple of weeks back, Flavorwire film editor Jason Bailey published his list of the most underrated films of the 2000s. Unsurprisingly, it generated plenty of discussion, because if there’s one thing people like to argue about, it’s which works of art are underrated (and which are overrated). The Flavorwire editorial crew aren’t exactly immune to the lure of such discussions, and talking about underrated films soon got us onto all sorts of other topics. First: music, and specifically the 1990s, a decade that’s undergoing a sort of critical renaissance at the moment (perhaps because of the surfeit of 20th-anniversary think-pieces). But it wasn’t all Nirvana and Weezer, y’know — here are 25 ’90s albums that are worth remembering all over again. (Oh and by the way, for anyone wondering why there’s no hip hop on this list: that deserves a list of its own, and will no doubt get one in due course.)

All Saints — All Saints (1997)

A band that briefly threatened to be globe-destroyingly huge, and never quite lived up to its promise — but that doesn’t mean All Saints’ debut isn’t a great pop record. (It’s a shame it doesn’t include their single best moment, “Pure Shores,” which didn’t appear until the soundtrack to The Beach a couple of years later.)