10 Charming Fan Letters From Cultural Icons

Last night, as you’re well aware, the fourth season of Game of Thrones came to a close, and everyone went bananas. And perhaps, somewhere, some future literary superstar penned a fan letter to George R.R. Martin, telling him what an inspiration his work is. It’s not too much of a stretch — presumably in preparation for the finale, iO9 dug up that great fan letter that young Master Martin wrote to Marvel’s Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, raving over the greatness of a recent Fantastic Four issue. Such a missive is a blast to read now; it’s also but one example of the fine tradition of superstars who reveal themselves (either before their own fame or after it) to be super-fans.

George R.R. Martin's fan letter to Marvel

George R.R. Martin to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Mr. Martin was 15 years old, so young that he still only sported a single “R” initial, when he wrote this 1963 letter to Lee and Kirby, praising Fantastic Four #17 as “greater than great” and “absolutely stupendous, the ultimate, utmost!” Martin was actually a prolific writer of fan mail; the following year, 16-year-old George took pen to paper again to proclaim his decision to have Fantastic Four #32 and Avengers #9 “mounted in bronze and set on a pedestal in the center of my living room.” [via]