The 10 Best Shows You Can Only Watch Online

This year, more than ever, television has provided plenty of shows to occupy our time during the summer months. Still, it’s not as much TV as we want (is it ever?), and there are often long lulls in television throughout the week — seriously, what’s with everything being packed into Sundays? Fortunately, there is the always-reliable Internet to tide us over. By now, you’ve definitely finished all of Orange Is the New Black, so here are ten other Internet-only series to watch this summer. 

high maintenanceHigh Maintenance (Vimeo)

Recently Vimeo announced that it would fund six upcoming episodes of High Maintenance. It’s a step towards Vimeo attempting a Netflix-like model, but more importantly, it’s a big vote of confidence for the web series. In each episode of the critically acclaimed show, which has a weed-delivery guy at its center, we get a funny, delightful glimpse at the life of a unique character.