9 Awful Cultural Figures Who Would Go Away If We Ignored Them

Yes, Ann Coulter wrote a ridiculous column about how the World Cup is an insult to American values, and no, I’m not going to link it here. The really remarkable thing about this whole sorry affair, which has been stinking up social media for the last couple of days, is that anyone still cares what Ann Coulter think. She’s the perfect example of someone who’s only in any way renowned because people pay attention to her for being an extremist; if people stopped giving her airtime, she would melt back into richly deserved obscurity. Like the rest of people on this list! Begone, all of you!

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Ann Coulter

Anyone can write Ayn Rand fanfic, but that doesn’t make doing so newsworthy. Appreciating Coulter “ironically” is something we can do without, too — her rants aren’t ironic genius, they’re not fabulous trolling, and they’re most definitely not performance art. They’re the ravings of a crazy person whose grasp on reality can be charitably described as tenuous. And speaking of referring to somewhat famous people doing stupid shit as “performance art”…