The Famous Artworks That Inspired 15 Films

There is a fascinating interplay between the visual cultures of film and art. Directors have frequently used imagery from painting and other art forms to shape the look and meaning of their works. Earlier this week, website Philebrity appealed to our inner art history nerd and reminded us of a strong visual influence behind Terrence Malick’s 1978 film Days of Heaven. We feature the movie’s art-world doppelgänger after the jump, along with other artworks that informed frames and entire visual themes in different movies.


Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World and Terrence Malick’s Days of Heaven

Terrence Malick captured the light, textures, and stillness of Andrew Wyeth’s painting Christina’s World in his film about a tragic love triangle set on a farm in the Texas Panhandle during the early 20th century. There’s also a fascinating connection between the criticisms aimed at Malick and Wyeth — known as a “painter of the people” — for being too “sentimental.”