10 Must-Read Books for July

Hopefully you’re on a beach or in a cabin on or around the beach, maybe on a hammock, possibly by a pool, or situated right in front an air conditioner that’s blowing cold air directly at you as you sip an equally cold beverage. But however you’re dealing with the summer heat, you really need a book, or two, or ten, to help you survive the sun beating down and the fact that the cooler filled with beer will eventually run out. And the books that come out this July — maybe more than in summers past — offer readers a fine selection of titles to pick from, to accompany a relaxing seventh month of the calendar.


Friendship, Emily Gould (July 1st)

As the title suggests, it’s about friends, sure — but Gould’s debut novel strikes at something deeper by accurately portraying the life, times, and struggles of people that toe the lines between Generation X and Y, complete with David Foster Wallace and Stevie Nicks quotes for an epigraph. With Friendship, Gould has given us something honest, moving, and important.