10 TV Events to Look Out For in July

In June, television gave us a handful of great season and series premieres, from Orange Is the New Black to The Leftovers. Not to be outdone, July is also coming in full force. There is the return of some Comedy Central favorites, premieres of vampire and post-apocalyptic dramas, and even some silly guilty pleasures. Here are the ten TV events to keep on your radar this July.

July 1: Drunk History and Nathan For You return to Comedy Central

Drunk History, the show in which drunk people narrate some historical event (often screwing up the details) while actors reenact the tale, is pure silliness that somehow works. But it’s Nathan For You, which airs after at 10:30 PM, that has my vote for last year’s best new comedy series. The episodes I’ve seen from Season 2 are awkward and funny, and Nathan Fielder — now best known for his Dumb Starbucks prank — is a comedian you need to keep your eyes on.