The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in July

In terms of album releases, we’ve got a surprisingly lively month ahead of us, given the generally slow time of year. From Sia to Shabazz Palaces, a number of 2014’s biggest critical hits will be released in July. Let’s dig in deeper.

NONONO — We Are Only What We Feel (July 1)

By now it’s likely you’ve heard “Pumpin Blood,” the latest entry in the “whistling songs I keep hearing on TV” canon. Unless you listen to the radio and really pay attention to it, you probably don’t know who’s responsible for: NONONO. They’re a Swedish trio — singer-songwriter Stina Wappling and the production duo Astma & Rocwell — who released a solid debut album stateside this week, which is sure to raise their profile even more. At times, We Are Only What We Feel is a brooding jolt of alt-pop not unlike Charli XCX’s True Romance, but there are legitimate sing-alongs — full of twinkling fun — here as well.