25 Perfect Drinking Songs for Lazy Summer Evenings

If you’re the sort of person who likes frolicking in the sun, summer days are ace. If, conversely, you’re the sort of person who’s given to hunching beside the AC and occasionally peeking out the window to see if the streets have caught fire, the daylight hours between June and August are no fun at all. Either way, though, summer evenings are kinda great — half the time it’s too hot to sleep, but it’s perfect for sitting out on a stoop/rooftop/porch with your friends, drinking beer and listening to some suitably mellow tunes. With that in mind, we’ve got you covered for a soundtrack — here’s our selection of great songs for lazy summer evenings, along with a Spotify playlist.

Grandaddy — “Collective Dreamwish of Upperclass Elegance”

Officially your correspondent’s all-time favorite sitting-on-the-porch-and-drinking-beer song. It captures the atmosphere we’re looking for here perfectly, from the lazy drum beat and the weird loop that sounds like some sort of dragonfly buzzing past your head to Jason Lytle’s lazy acoustic strumming and his lyrics, which speak of dodging a trip into town to sit drinking beer and playing guitar.