The 25 Best Songs of 2014 So Far

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Last week we brought you the top 25 albums of 2014 so far, but we couldn’t let the midyear pass without taking a look at the best songs up until this point. This being a singles list, it’s heavy on your Iggys and your Charlis and your Sias, but you’ll also find choice album cuts from some of the year’s best rock LPs, like EMA, The War on Drugs, Against Me!, and more. And finally, we tossed in a few you may not have heard yet, hopefully inspiring you to check out the underrated tunes that haven’t been critical faves or Hot 100 contenders.

Here are the 25 best songs of 2014 so far — plus some extra tracks that didn’t make the final cut — in a Spotify playlist. Perfect for blasting at your holiday functions this Fourth. (We’ll update this list throughout the year as well!)

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