The Best Indie Literature of 2014 So Far

“The indie lit stars of today are the bestsellers of tomorrow.” This is how lists like this tend to start out, and it’s a proclamation that may well prove correct in one or two cases. But what’s even more important is that in the last few years, which have found them publishing more stellar books than ever, independent presses have breathed new life into literature (and especially American literature). The authors these small presses publish might be classified as “up-and-coming,” but their individual futures are less crucial to publishing that the movement they’re all a part of: indie literature is changing the landscape radically by allowing writers room to experiment.


Pity the Animal, Chelsea Hodson (Future Tense)

“Sick of balancing multiple roles, some days I wanted to be less than human.” With a single essay that spans all 30 pages of this small (in size, not ideas) chapbook, we welcome the fresh voice of Chelsea Hodson, who sums up the life of a modern artist in a way that few have been able to do.