Streaming Cinema Playlist: The Inspirations of Michel Gondry

Welcome to Flavorwire’s “Streaming Cinema Playlist,” an occasional feature where we offer suggestions for supplementary online viewing to a new film, sometimes with the assistance of the filmmakers themselves. This month, we take a look at several films that inspired the great Michel Gondry — both throughout his career and in the making of his new picture Mood Indigo — and we’ll direct you to where you can watch them right now.

Zazie dans le métro

When I asked Gondry about specific influences on Mood Indigo’s look and style, this 1960 film was the first thing he mentioned. “There was this director called Louis Malle who did this movie adapted from a book by a similar type of writer as Vian called Zazie dans le métroZazie in the Subway – who uses a lot of practical effects, and it has a stream-of-consciousness element to it.” Zazie is available on DVD and Blu-ray via the Criterion Collection, so it’s part of their Hulu Plus library; you can also stream it for free (with ads) on SnagFilms.