10 Children’s Book Series That Deserve TV Adaptations

With the success young adult books are having at the box office — The Hunger Games series, The Fault In Our Stars — it was only a matter of time before television stepped up its game and started to adapt more children’s and young adult books into TV series. There have already been some great successes (Pretty Little LiarsGossip Girl), and there are a few other book-to-TV projects in the works (Wondrous Strange and The Clan of the Cave Bear), but as far as I’m concerned, there can never be too many. Here are ten book series that deserve TV adaptations — or a second chance at one.

Hear-My-Sorrow-2Dear America 

If you were a young girl in the mid-’90s, there is a good chance that you once sobbed your eyes out while reading a Dear America book. The book series — 36 volumes in total — consisted of fictional diaries “written” by girls during a variety of historical events/eras: Pearl Harbor, slavery, the sinking of the Titanic, World War I, etc. It would make a great anthology series, with every season tackling a different book and its new plot and characters.