Rare Vintage Photos of Big-City Burlesque Beauties of the 1950s

Although it ceased publication in 1955, the Brooklyn Eagle, which was founded in 1841, had the good mind to give its archives over to the Brooklyn Public Library. And while people like to talk about the time we’re living in now as the Golden Era of Brooklyn, one only has to take a few minutes to look through these archives to see that there was truly no place like Brooklyn during the first half of the 20th century.

This particular part of the collection was too wonderful not to share — the photos, below, of burlesque beauties from 1954 — is just a one of many wonders you’ll find on BPL’s Tumblr. Not much is known about these women or the photographers, save for their names and where the photos were taken, but the images themselves are pretty hard to get out of your brain.

Via Brooklyn Public Library -- Brooklyn Collection
Peaches. Photo by Maurice Seymour, 1954. Courtesy Brooklyn Public Library — Brooklyn Collection