5 Great Midwestern Novels You May Have Missed

We’ve talked about how great the Midwest is for writers today, but from Hemingway’s Michigan to Bellow’s Chicago and Cather’s Nebraska, the region has always provided readers with plenty of great literature over the years. Since this week marks the birthday of Indiana’s own Booth Tarkington, we thought of a few novels from the region that you may have overlooked, and should consider placing on your bookshelf alongside Augie March and Sister Carrie.


The Magnificent Ambersons, Booth Tarkington

Tarkington has, for some strange reason, fallen out of favor among American readers, so let’s start with him and the novel on which Orson Welles based one of his greatest films. The author’s lack of popularity today is a shame, because if you count either Faulkner or Wharton among your favorite writers, Tarkington is a natural.