20 YA Book Covers That Are Actually Gorgeous

It seems like every couple of years, the internet gets to hem and haw over a new set of Harry Potter book covers. The most recent iterations are nice, but their release only served to remind me of how terrible — that is, cheap, cheesy and/or trashy-looking — most YA book jackets are these days. In the past things were different — check out classics A Wrinkle in Time or A Wizard of Earthsea. Today, though, publishers often slap down a stock image of a girl in a fancy dress, cut off her head, slide that under some new exciting bubble font and call it a day. So, in an effort to beautify your world, here is a selection of excellent — that is, beautiful, interesting, and/or cool — contemporary YA book covers that should set the standard for the rest of them.


Cover design by Lizzy Bromley.


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