The 45 Greatest Concert Movies of All Time

Forty-five years ago today, the Woodstock Music & Art Fair got underway at Yasgur’s Farm in upstate New York, kicking off a weekend of music and memories for 400,000 attendees and four-and-a-half decades of wistful Boomer nostalgia. (More on that next week.) It also resulted in 1970’s Woodstock, one of the most influential and perhaps the greatest of all concert movies — so in honor of the festival’s 45th anniversary, we rounded up the 45 best examples of the genre.

Still image from "Yes: 9012 Live"

45. Yes: 9012 Live

Laugh all you want at the inclusion of a film showcasing the talents of prog-rockers Yes, but you know who helmed this Grammy-winning document of two shows from their 1984 tour? Future Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh, that’s who. So who’s laughing now?