Pop Culture’s Most Fashionable Vampires

Jim Jarmusch’s sublime meditation on the vampire myth arrives on Blu-ray August 19. Only Lovers Left Alive unites Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as centuries-old lovers, Adam and Eve, who feast on the finest art, literature, music, and, naturally, blood. But Jarmusch’s movie is hardly a traditional tale of the undead. As our own Judy Berman wrote of the film:

Only Lovers Left Alive is Jim Jarmusch’s vampire movie, sure. But it’s also a 61-year-old cult filmmaker and renowned aesthete’s lament over how little time we have on Earth, and how much of it we spend fretting about things that would seem inconsequential to a couple of decadent dreamers who’ve lived long enough to anticipate history’s curves and twists. What is actually worth devoting millennia to? Not politics or money (although they have no shortage of that) or even, seemingly, sex. Art, of course, says Jarmusch. And love, too.

As such, Only Lovers Left Alive’s decadent atmosphere boasts stunning set pieces and elegant fashions — a narcotic haze of Jarmusch-style culture and cool.

Gothic perfumery Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has tapped into the dark romanticism, sumptuous palette, and gritty corners of Adam and Eve’s world with their new line of fragrances. As music is crucial to Jarmusch’s work, BPAL has also designed a line of scents inspired by the movie’s soundtrack.

To complement this olfactory homage and celebrate the release of Jarmusch’s movie, we’re looking back at the most fashionable vampires in pop culture.


The Hunger

David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve exude sophisticated cool in Tony Scott’s The Hunger. All the billowing drapes, smoke machines, and neon sheen would dwarf other actors, but the couple cuts a striking pair in the 1983 film. Dressed in their finest leather at an underground goth club and luxuriating in the most fashionable suits in their posh New York City townhouse, Bowie and Deneuve’s vampy couple are stunning wherever they go. Internationally known makeup artist Antony Clavet, whose work has appeared in Vogue Italia, helped define Deneuve’s high-fashion look.