Glamorous Women with Surprising Hobbies

Former Bond girl Honor Blackman celebrated her 89th birthday this week. Her most famous character, Pussy Galore, one of 007’s most interesting opponents (depicted as a lesbian in the Ian Fleming novels and the leader of an all-female team of aviators in 1964’s Goldfinger), was riveting to watch in action. Blackman, the oldest actress to play a Bond girl, has always been full of surprises. In the 1960s, she learned Judo for her role as Cathy Gale in The Avengers. Following her role in Goldfinger (by then, an expert in martial arts), she penned a self-defense book for women. Blackman’s proto-feminist beliefs, penchant for strong female characters, and physical prowess in a male-dominated sport eschewed stereotypical notions of women. Here are ten other glamorous female celebrities who excelled in activities and quirky hobbies that surprised the public (often quick to pigeonhole women).


Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall exuded an effortless elegance and laid-back chic. Her remarkably approachable personality extended to her hobbies. She loved beer steins and collected them for show. Though, being a member of the original “Rat Pack,” we imagine several of her steins were put to good use. You can see several of the drinking vessels on display in this photo with husband Humphrey Bogart.