The 20 Sexiest ‘True Blood’ Characters, Ranked

For all that the show originally promised to provide some interesting social commentary and a new spin on the the well-worked trope of vampirism, True Blood‘s charms have ultimately lain in its characters, who are pretty much all unfeasibly attractive and have unfeasible amounts of sex with one another. At least two of Flavorwire’s regular staffers have stuck with the show from start to finish, and yeah, if we’re honest, it was always about the sex. So here’s something for a Friday afternoon —  a lighthearted look back at the sexiest characters on the show, ranked from #20 to #1. (No, of course Bill’s not on here. C’mon.)


20. Antonia Gavilán

She got a pretty awful deal, but when she wasn’t getting fed on by Spanish Inquisition vampires, burned at the stake, or trapped in the body of a crazy modern witch, Antonia had a whole lot more charm than any of the other characters introduced in Season 4. Also, she could compel vampires to self-immolate! Power is an aphrodisiac! And all that!